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What are, and the benefits of Google Authorship

I was explaining Authorship and how to use Authors to own their original content the other day. A friend forwarded this graphic to me yesterday serendipitously. It is very good and worthy of a share. Do you want this for … Continue reading

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Evolution of Google SERPs

I was going to write up some notes about the evolution of the SERPs as I needed to explain why CTRs were very unpredictable depending on the type of keyword, user intent, vertical and personalisation. While thinking about all the … Continue reading

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The modern dilemma – to give, and be ‘needed’: or hold-out and be lonely!

Just looking into a traffic drop that looks like it only affected events-style content and on some very precise informational terms from Google web.  So, with my ‘tinfoil-hat’ on and assuming that we are the victim here of the behemoth … Continue reading

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