ThomasCook – top 11 holidays in 2011 infographic

Here is the latest infographic from Thomas Cook. This interactive guide is designed to give inspiration for your next Summer holiday?

I have been reliably informed that this is the first of a series – so watch this space.

What do you think?

Top 11 holiday destinations for 2011 brought to you by Thomas Cook holidays

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  • SEOzzy

    great infographics and nice destinations!! some of them are on my to go list and I will hopefully find some good deals on Thomas Cook!

  • Pete

    It’s not really an infographic through it is? An infographic is a visualisation of otherwise complex ideas, making them quicker and easier to understand.

    That is simply some flags with a rollover with loads of text…

    • Adrian

      You make a fair point.

      But also by definition, surely, at a simplest level if it conveys or shares information and use graphics/pics/other assets rather than just ‘boring’ text-only then it does qualify.

  • SEOzzy

    @Pete I would call this an ‘interactive infographics’ rather than the way you described it and I find it much more useful than the most of the infographics out there that might look better visually but don’t provide any real information or data!

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