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Relevance over ccTLDs

So, relevance wins over TLDs.  Who would have guessed !? As part of the caffeine update, lots of us saw many .com’s appearing over the top of co.uk’s etc etc.  If you mix the Vince update with Caffeine you get … Continue reading

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Interesting articles 2009-03-05

An article by Steve Johnston’s consultancy on whether Affiliate links are or are not a paid link from Google’s position.  A bit old, from Oct 08, but came across this, this week.  So, lets not worry is the advice and … Continue reading

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List of TLDs

I found this useful and thought I would share ! List of common generic domain name extensions .COM .INFO .NET .ORG List of restricted TLD / Domains .BIZ    Restricted for Business .NAME    Reserved for individuals .PRO    Restricted to credentialed professionals … Continue reading

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