This blog is ready for the iPhone, iPad and Android etc etc

I have just installed WPTouch on this wordpress blog.  This plug-in – I think is genius.  Its from the guys at BraveNewCode. I have the free version, as I am an individual, this suits me fine.  But this is clever and shows a custom version for people on mobile devices.  If you are like me and do most of my industry/SEO reading on my iPhone or their ilke; then a website that renders properly is really quite handy. This currently makes me more advanced than many companies or professional bloggers! Well for a couple of weeks at least.

Here is a screen-grab of this site using the default user-agent set to iPhone and re-sized to 320px by 480px (believe is the iPhone screen size).

this site on the iPhone

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Adrian has been SEO'ing since '98 and is the Head of Inbound Marketing at My Destination and the Managing Partner of the Inbound & SEO performance agency SeSoMe.
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